Fast food and quick-serve chain restaurants (such as Chipotle and Applebees) are constantly training employees. In many cases, they spend multiple weeks training hourly employees, who, on average, don’t spend an entire year working at the restaurant. This client came to Uncorked Studios to build a better understanding of the potential innovation space surrounding restaurant training, as well as explore some technology-driven prototype ideas.

How might we better understand the restaurant training experience to guide future product seed concepts in this space?


In this short-turn project, our role was to help the client move from the broad problem statement of an innovation phase into more directed paths to further explore. We built a better understanding of the restaurant space and restaurant employees, as well as explored pros and cons of various technology options (such as augmented reality and projected images) in the kitchen space. In the end, we pulled together content, technology, and user-informed design recommendations that the client could use as guides for future concept and prototype development. 

Due to an NDA with the clients at Uncorked Studios, I can’t speak publicly about project details. If you have questions around my specific methods and experience, please contact me.



Design Research: Planned and conducted design research; led a team on field visits to observe kitchen environments; interviewed restaurant employees and training managers to build a better understanding of their activities and pain points; facilitated qualitative user feedback sessions around physical prototypes; synthesized learnings around content, technology, and user needs into recommendations document.

Creative Direction: Collaborated with Creative Technologist on future technology space; Directed low-fidelity physical prototypes used in testing sessions

Product Strategy: Defined innovation phase approach; Created prioritized roadmap of research questions, informed by business objectives; educated internal studio team and client on how to integrate “just enough research” to gather insights that will inform business decisions moving forward.