Uncorked Studios was working with a client in the office technology industry who was losing market share. This client’s innovation team recognized that the office and employee expectations landscape was adjusting, and needed a jump-start on defining the changes (as well as some potential product  opportunity spaces) for company stakeholders.

How might we better understand the future office and office employee?


Uncorked Studios worked with the client to better understand what the future of ‘work’ might look like. We determined a process that included primary and secondary research, a connecting workshop with international stakeholders, as well as the creation of 8 ‘seed concepts’ that illustrated potential future product ideas. In a second phase of the project, we worked with the client to select one of the concepts to explore further with a deeper level of research questions and concept vision definition.

Due to an NDA with the clients at Uncorked Studios, I can’t speak publicly about project details. If you have questions around my specific methods and experience, please contact me



Design Research: Planned and conducted design research; led a team on field visits to observe ‘modern’ office and co-working space environments; interviewed ‘modern’ office workers from a variety of cities and industries; conducted secondary research around identified hypothesis; facilitated a diary study with users around one of the chosen concepts; synthesized learnings.

UX Design: Organized a 2-day workshop with international stakeholders to present research, tour relevant office spaces, participate in a mini-design sprint; built insights and consensus around the project focus moving forward; worked with client to establish storyboards that expressed product use case and vision.

Creative Direction: Mentored junior researcher on qualitative interview techniques and research synthesis; Guided illustrator on seed concept drawings and storyboard creation.

Product Strategy: Defined innovation phase approach; Created prioritized roadmap of research questions, informed by business objectives; educated internal studio team and client on how to integrate “just enough research” to gather insights that will inform business decisions moving forward.