Trek Global Branding & Design


It’s not everyday you have the opportunity to build a brand from scratch, but that’s exactly what we were able to do with the enterprise software and services company, Trek Global.

Trek Global, itself, is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions company. They had recently developed their own ERP product (Trek Cloud ERP) and they decided that they needed an updated brand strategy to accompany the launch. 

Our small marketing and design team started by developing user personas, key marketing strategies, and communication touch points for the B2B audience. We coordinated with an external communications strategy partner to help us establish core brand foundations (mission, values, and pillars) as well as a key messaging hierarchy. 


Using our seven “brand drivers”, I lead the visual design of our new brand. This included evolving the current logo, creating a set of guidelines, and resulting templates that could be distributed for use within the internationally-located company.


In order to get our name out into the world and build our presence as “thought-leaders” in the ERP community, we created a content development plan that includes the rollout of a curriculum of topics through a video and audio podcast series. We worked with a Portland-based video company to bring the series to life. The bi-weekly podcast existed not only on our site, but we set-up a network leveraging social media sites (from Slideshare to Vimeo, to LinkedIn, Twitter, and more) as well as included a PR expert into the external-vender fold.

Additionally, we collaborated with an analytics company to help inform SEO keywords and drive the PPC landing page campaign initiatives.


In under 6 months, we went from zero awareness, market definition or product in the marketplace to a successful product launch, qualified in-bound leads, and closed deals.