Every season, Nike Sales Representatives have the task of narrowing down the 10k+ product line into recommended assortments for their retail stores to shop from. Previously, the Sales Rep would use a combination of legacy tools (or bypass Nike-provided tools altogether) to manage their own process for presenting the relevant pieces of the massive product catalog to their stores. 

Since different global geographies approached their accounts in different ways, this tool needed to accommodate multiple business process approaches, as well as integrate into the (internal B2B) platform. 

How might we make a sales representative’s job more efficient, trackable, and enjoyable by designing functionality with their needs in mind?


The new interface experience that I directed provided a robust set of product features, but with intuitive guidance and flexible paths, depending on what the user most needed to accomplish. The MVP version has been tested with high user satisfaction rates (and phase 2 functionality is currently in development).

Since the platform is internal, the majority of the details around the project are not available to the public. If you would like to learn more around the project and outcomes, please contact me



Design Research: Planned and conducted design research; interviewed sales reps (internationally) to build a better understanding of their activities and pain points; organized workshops with stakeholders (internationally) to discuss business processes and key functionality; validated design decisions through experience map and wireframe walk-throughs.

UX Design: Defined product design concept; established user flows and built an understanding of emotional states at key moments in the experience; designed information architecture and annotated wireframes for technical team to inform scope and for business leads to inform MVP decisions; made decisions around content, design, and product strategy that were informed by research and best practices. 

Creative Direction: Worked closely with the established Nike brand guidelines and UI Designer to guide the visual design of the product; educated a team that was not used to working with Designers on foundational user-centered approaches.

Product Strategy: Planned and led brainstorm sessions with stakeholders to create shared understanding of business and user needs; coordinated product strategy and prioritized MVP feature set based on business needs.