Pillsbury Site Redesign

ROLE: Lead Designer

In an effort to "Let the Making Begin," Pillsbury not only reimagined what their website looked like, but how it worked.

On a small team, we dove head-first into many conversations about the new brand-strategies (which strove to empower simple ways to "make" and "personalize" dinner, using Pillsbury products, of course.) We worked through several exercises to understand the primary user journeys, identify problems, and crafted a handful of relevant objectives for the new experience.
These included (but were not limited to): making the site responsive, leading with a mobile-first design approach, "streamlining" the amount of templates within the CMS-tool from approximately 80 to about 10, and infusing a new, dynamic voice throughout the aesthetics of the site to empower users.


As the lead designer on the project, I worked closely with our user-experience designer, content team, and developers to create some new functionality that we're really excited about. Also, I created the digital aesthetic and guidelines of the brand, reflecting a more modern approach to photography, layered textures, typography, iconography, and color.