In-Seat Stadium App

ROLE: UX Strategy, Information Architecture

It’s easy to imagine – you’re at the nearby stadium, watching your favorite sports team play and you have a sudden hankering for a hot dog and beer. 

Rather than climb down the row, through the stadium, and stand in line all while the game continues… you can order from your favorite stadium vendor from your phone. The In-Seat team shares this dream. 

We mapped the information flow for both the consumer-facing version of the app that users can order through, as well as the vendor-version that accepts, processes, and runs reports for restaurants to use throughout the order completion. From identifying the necessary screens, understanding the actions and fringe cases for a variety of user roles, and keeping in mind the potential for venue white-label customization options, we aimed to design a robust, yet intuitive experience.


From idea to reality:

Once the user flows were determined, I collaborated with Jessica Shiner to prototype the app screens. By designing within this framework, we were able to iterate and improve quickly. She was then able to layer in the branding and design elements; the result is equal parts smart and beautiful. 

Design in collaboration with the talented  Jessica Shiner

Design in collaboration with the talented Jessica Shiner