ACS Staffing Rebranding and Website Design

Role: Art direction, UX design, mentorship


It’s a thing to be celebrated when a client comes to you with an open-mind and a passion to make big strides. 

From reconsidering all of their currently branding to creating a website plan that can grow with them over the next several years, working with ACS was one of my favorite projects to-date. 

ACS staffing is a well-regarded placement agency in the Pacific Northwest, working mostly with engineers and the energy and power industry. And they were at that fantastic time in a company where they’re growing rapidly and ready to level-up their branding and digital environment to reflect that momentum. Starting with foundations, our team worked with them in some brand and messaging workshops to establish a voice and tone, which then carried over into some updated aesthetics. 


An iterative process...

I mentored a visual designer, Sunny Huynh, throughout the brand style iterations, and we landed on a new identity and style toolkit that elicited some serious heart-eye emojis.


From foundations to finished:

Once the new brand and palette were established came the fun exercise of figuring out how to express that look and feel alongside the business goals, content strategy recommendations (and the plan for what aspects can we build that can be utilized now AND grown in the future.)